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Paris in the spring is beautiful, but sometimes also capricious – some days may be less sunny, with a sprinkle of rain now and then. What to do on those times? Paris has plenty to offer, and one of the options is to go to the cinema. But you don’t speak French, you say? Don’t worry, we will tell you where to go to see movies in English! But first a handy guide for the french cinema jargon…

VO – voix originale, meaning the movie is in its original soundtrack (just check if the original voice is indeed English!)

STFR – Sous-titré français – a movie with French subtitles (most VOs come with STFR)

VF – Voix française – a movie with French soundtrack

So what you are heading for is VO or VO STRF. And luckily for you, more and more cinemas offer this option. On top of it, March is also a great month for movie fans, with movie theaters offering great discounts. So get your popcorn, drinks and enjoy!


Le Printemps du Cinéma 2017

For the 18th time France becomes a paradise for cinema fans. From March 19th to March 21st 2017 most movie theaters offer tickets for 4 euros only per person!  Last year about 2.5 million entries were sold – that’s more than a number of people actually living in Paris.

Where: in various movie theatres all over France

When: March 19th – March 21st 2017

How much: 4 euros (the price may be raised for 3D, Imax and special screenings)


Now that you know about this offer, where do you find your nearest cinema that offers VO movies? We come to the rescue with a list of nearby movie theaters!

Odéon area:

  • UGD Odéon (UGD Danton) – part of one of the biggest French movie chains, UGC offers various screenings, from morning till night. Can be described as a bit old-style, but it has a certain charm. It is located at 99 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, just outside the metro station!


  • MK2 Odéon – this cinema has two buildings couple of minutes away from each other. It has a selection of new movies, including new Oscar winners. So if you want to know what is this new movie that everyone is talking about, head here! Most of the foreign movies are offered in original version.

109-113 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

7 rue Hautefeuille, 75006 Paris


Marais area :

  • MK2 Beaubourg – a mythical movie theatre, recently renovated, is ready to welcome new viewers! Facing the Pompidou Center, it started as independent movie center, it still offers a unique selection of movies, along with big hits! Next to La la Land or Moonlight (in VO), there are many of French or European documentaries (sadly in French or non-anglophone, with French subtitles).

50 rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris


  • MK2 Bastille – a small cinema with up-to-date selection of movies, perfectly placed at Bastille area.

4 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris


Louvre area :

  • UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles – an enormous cinema complex in the center of Paris! Head here to see most of the movies currently available, with plenty available in English! Located in Les Halles shopping mall, it is a great option for a rainy day.

Forum Les Halles, 7 place de La Rotonde, Forum des Halles – Niveau 3, 75001 Paris

Now that you have found a cinema, which movie do you wish to watch? Some proposition for this Spring:

  • Beauty and the Beast


One of the best Disney movies (set in France!) is transformed from a cartoon to a story. With Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast, it was already acclaimed a great success, even before its premiere. We hope the great expectations will be met! Perfect for families, as they can relive the fairytale together again, but also for anybody who fell in love with Disney’s original version.

Release in France: March 22nd 2017. French title: La Belle et la Bête


  • Kong: Skull Island


Another trip down memory lane. A reboot of King Kong franchise, it follows a group of explorers who has found a mythical island full of monsters, including a giant ape Kong. The movie will surely offer great special effects, and it might be worth seeing in 3D or Imax 3D

Release in France: March 8th 2017



  • T2 Trainspotting


A sequel to legendary Trainspotting movie, it will probably be a treat to any fan of the original movie. 20 years later, Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns to Scotland, and old friends are reunited again. Where are they now, who did they become? Those questions will be answered soon but who know what will happen this time…? Danny Boyle is always full of surprises.

French release: March 1st 2017

  • Logan


For the fans of Wolverine series, here comes the final piece of the story, with Hugh Jackman starring again in title role. He finds himself in hard-times, scraping a living as a limo driver near Mexican border, hiding from the world. But with the appearance of a mysterious woman, he is soon drawn back to action. Critically acclaimed for acting and screenplay, this is a great goodbye to the superhero franchise.

French release: March 1st 2017.


  • 20th Century Women


A positive movie that focuses on the lives of 3 women in Santa Barbara, California in the 70’s. Sharing a bohemian household, they face life problems together, helping their friend to raise her teenage son. Partially based on director Mike Mills’ childhood memories, this comedy drama should be a nice choice for a laid-back afternoon.

French release: March 1st 2017


  • Hidden figures

Exploring a little known story of brilliant African-American female mathematicians, who in the early 60’s served an important role in the development of NASA space program. Based on real life events. See the story of those brilliant women, known as ‘human computers’; quickly rising through the ranks of organization, while crossing racial, gender and professional lines of their time.

French release: March 8th 2017. French title: Les Figures de l’Ombre



  • Patriots Day


A movie pictures a dramatic story of 2013 Boston marathon attack. In the aftermath, with many wounded and the city in chaos, a manhunt for terrorists continues… It will keep you on your toes.

French release:  March 8th 2017. French title: Traque à Boston


Bon Film!

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