Ice Rink Eiffel Tower

An ice rink on the 1rst floor of the Eiffel Tower starting from December 15!

The ice skating rink is back on the 1rst floor of the Eiffel Tower! Located 57m above the ground, it will be open from December 15th, 2016 to February 19th, 2017.

This year, the ice rink will be on the theme of Ice Hockey, at the occasion of the Ice Hockey World Championship which will be held in France in May 2017.

The rink is accessible and free to all the Eiffel Tower’s tickets holders. Skates & sled-chairs are available free of charge to visitors. Disabled people can enjoy the rink too through an easy access to the equipment and sled-chairs for adults. It will be open everyday from 10:30am to 10:30pm, starting December 15th.

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